Sides provides an overview of additional
services of post production video editing, design,
photography and motion graphics.



Typography and decorative elements such as backgrounds and graphics enhance communication, confirm the professionalism of a presentation and place it firmly in the context of contemporary media…

We can offer a full range of visual communication services, including art direction; styling of food, wine, beauty and fashion products; typography; symbol design; illustration; and colour palettes. Storyboarding and presentation roughs are also a service we offer.


Cinematography and photography share a creative vision; and while stills can be captured from a film or video, there remains a strong role for still photography…

Location and character shoots; photography of, and during, production; and the treatment of images post-production are available.

Motion graphics

Animated titles, product visualisation and views, and 3-dimensional visual animations are available. PaXifica will storyboard/visualise such sequences if required, then create the 3D and animated imagery/typography…

Our motion ability is handled by an expert in the industry. Andy Day has almost 30 years experience in the post production industry with clients in film TV and music. His skill set includes professional level motion graphic design, 3d modelling, editing, grading and audio post production. In addition to providing post production services he also offers a number of training and professional development options for several major creative software products including the adobe creative suite, apple professional and AVID media composer.